Bearded Entrepreneurs for the Advancement of a Responsible Democracy (BEARD PAC) feels that individuals with the dedication to grow and maintain a quality beard are the kinds of individuals that would show dedication to the job of public service, as such it is our mission to help elect bearded candidates from across the political spectrum and across all levels of government.

Our support will go to candidates with both a full beard, and a savvy mind full of growth-oriented policy positions that will move our great nation towards a more lush and magnificent future.

BEARD PAC is currently in the process of forming a beard review committee to make judgement calls when issues of beard quality or longevity are called into question. Mustaches, soul patches, and weekend beards do not meet the PAC's requirements, although a goatee would be acceptable on the right candidate.

Additionally, BEARD PAC would like to note that it is unfortunate, and unrepresentative of our nation that less than 20% of members of the 113th Congress are women, and we hope to see the number of women in office rise exponentially in the coming years. As such, BEARD PAC is fully supportive of women running for office, and the organizations and political action committees supporting their candidacies.

At this time, BEARD PAC is firmly focused on its mission of electing bearded individuals to office, and will be unable use its financial resources to support non-bearded candidates. We will work diligently to help elect more women to office in other capacities that are allowed under the rules imposed on us by the FEC.